Surgery Concierge

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Wisdom teeth “specialists” and implant “specialists” all have one thing in common. Once they’re done, they’re done. Enjoyed the surgery, see you later.

But MINT is never done. Our exclusive Surgery Concierge is dedicated to you from the moment you ask for a Free Consultation until, well–forever. MINT’s Surgery Concierge is really our secret ingredient. When combined with Dr. Karimi’s skill, it will change everything you ever thought you knew about oral surgery.


Your Surgery Concierge arranges all your appointments. Answers any last minute questions you didn’t think to ask earlier. Arranges financing. Is with you when you wake up. Handles all prescriptions. Helps manage your aftercare. Is available to answer questions anytime you have them… whether it is a week, three weeks, or ten weeks later.

You have the cell phone number of your Surgery Concierge, and if there is any bleeding, any discomfort, any anxiety at all, we want you to use it. You are never alone, we are with you every . . . single . . . step of the way.